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Variable Speed Drives

We are able to provide our clients with the option of servicing and maintaining their Variable Speed Drives (VSD's).

We can offer either one-off servicing of Variable Speed Drives or Servicing and Maintenance Contracts.

Our servicing and maintenance contracts incorporate:

Technical Support
Annual Service/Maintenance Check
Software Updates
Call-out Scheme

As part of a Servicing Contract, we will annually inspect all Variable Speed Drives on site and ensure they are operating correctly, efficiently and within their ideal operating range.

We can also offer a repair service for faulty Variable Speed Drives which are rated at 37Kw or over.  Once the annual maintenance check has been completed, we issue our clients with a Proactive Maintenance Report which details our findings and recommendations.  We will also detail any defects or potential problems on a Defects Sheet.

For further information about Servicing and Maintenance Contracts please do not hesitate to contact us.

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