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Inverter Drives

Variable Speed Drives

Variable Speed Drives (VSD's) control the speed of main drive motors and have the capacity to alter the frequency of 3-Phase AC power entering into a 3-Phase AC motor.  Also known as an Inverter Drive or Variable Frequency Drive, VSD's are an electronic power module which have the ability to alter the AC supply to an induction motor.  This controllability on the output to the motor is then used to vary the motor speed and torque.  VSD's can also be programmed to carry out other functions like dynamic braking, start/stop and speed up/slow down.  In addition, they can be controlled by sensors or Building Maintenance Systems (BMS) to increase/decrease motor speeds or airflow to alter temperatures (particularly useful in refrigeration and air conditioning applications).

Are Variable Speed Drives cost and energy efficient?

Variable Speed Drives help to reduce carbon footprints as they help you to monitor and reduce the consumption of energy used by as much as 50%.  This monitoring and reduction in the consumption of energy used will help to reduce fixed energy costs.

Competitive Pricing 

3L Electrical Limited have recently formed an alliance and work closely with renowned VSD Distributor Digicon Solutions Limited.  Located in Leicestershire, Digicon Solutions are able to complement our quick service response times with readily available replacement Variable Speed Drives and Parts.  Our relationship with Digicon has meant that we now stock a range of Danfoss and Vacon VSD's at our premises and can offer extremely competitive pricing.

Quick Response Times


Our Head Office is located in North London and within close proximity and easy reach of central London.  This allows for speedy response times in the case of emergency breakdowns.  We offer a range of routine servicing and maintenance options and can offer periodic Servicing Contracts if required.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our Servicing Contracts or to provide a competitively priced Quotation for the supply and/or installation of Variable Speed Drives.

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