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Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging cameras are commonly used to inspect electrical systems and components that cannot be tested in the conventional way.  3L Electrical undertake thermal imaging testing and inspection in areas that are critical and cannot be shut down.  Thermal imaging is an invaluable predictive and diagnostic tool in industries such as power distribution and plant maintenance especially as it allows for the time heat analysis of moving parts i.e. motors, starters, contactors, fuses, busbars, electrical connections, etc.

Thermal imaging acts to detect failures or future problems that cannot be seen by the naked eye and can help to determine when and where electrical maintenance is necessary.  This can assist in preventing costly repairs and reducing potential downtime.  As electrical components begin to break down, they tend to heat up and the hot spots are clearly highlighted in red on the thermal image.  The process of thermography measures this heat and presents a picture of the heat being emitted. By measuring an object's heat, we can detect anomalies and take possible corrective actions prior to system failure.   Thermal imaging thus helps to detect hot spots that can be the possible cause of breakdown and fire but more importantly thermal imaging can help us to manage our electricity more efficiently by measuring and analysing heat loss.  Once testing and inspection is complete, the images are analysed and a thorough report created with observations recorded.  Any imminent failures are highlighted on the report and recommendations are made to repair or replace the defective components.

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