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LED Lighting

High Street Bank

LED Lighting Replacement Project


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LED Lighting Replacement Project

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High Street Bank

Emergency LED Lighting

High Street Bank

Exterior LED Lighting


LED Skytile Lighting

What are the advantages of LED Lighting?

Energy and Cost Efficiency:

LED's are more energy efficient than traditional light sources as they typically use up to 90% less energy and this can lead to significant energy cost savings.  LED lights, for example, use far less power (watts) to produce the same light output (lumens). An LED bulb uses only 2.5 watts to produce a light output of 115 lumens whilst a traditional lamp uses up to six times more energy.

Long Lifespan and Maintenance Free:

LED lighting has a much longer lifespan than traditional lighting with typically 20,000+ hours of usage once installed.  There is no need to re-lamp fittings and once in place they are virtually maintenance free.

Environmentally Friendly:

As LED lighting utilises less energy, the demand required from power plants is substantially reduced. As a consequence, damaging greenhouse gas emissions are also reduced.  95% of the energy in LED lighting is converted to light whilst only 5% is converted into wasted heat.  

LED lights do not contain harmful materials like mercury and lead and are therefore more easily disposed of.

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