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Power Factor Correction

3L Electrical can design and manufacture bespoke PFC Panels to meet the precise requirements of our clients using premium quality capacitors that safely disconnect when they reach the end of their lifespan. 

We provide a complimentary consultation service to determine our clients’ requirements and then produce the PFC Panels in our designated workshop.


3L Electrical calculate the necessary size of the PFC equipment to suit the needs of the Panel/Machinery it is being fitted to.  Once calculated, the correct type and amount of capacitors and control systems are assembled.  This is then installed on site by one of our professionally trained engineers.

What is PFC?


Power Factor Correction (PFC) is a technique used to reduce the amount of electrical energy used.  When PFC is installed to a Chiller, for example, it can reduce its running costs by up to 20%. 

PFC is especially useful in retrofits where older machinery is being replaced with newer models. If the new machinery runs at a slightly higher current and the existing cable is not large enough to supply the new machinery, it is possible to use PFC to reduce the current required by the unit.  This reduces the need for expensive and time consuming re-wire projects.

PFC is environmentally friendly too as it reduces the carbon footprint of each machine it is installed to. 

How does PFC work?

PFC is a controlled bank of capacitors used to make components such as inductive motors more efficient.  For example, when a Chiller’s compressor motor is running at 50% capacity it generally has a Power factor of 0.73. This means that 73% of the current used goes into turning the motor. The remaining 27% is power lost. 

PFC can be used to increase the Power Factor to usually 0.95 resulting in greater energy being used to drive the motor and less energy wastage.


3L Electrical use only the highest quality components from the control gear to the capacitors. Like all components, capacitors only have a certain amount of running time before they eventually fail. When this occurs, our capacitors safely disconnect. However, not all capacitors do this and if these are used, rather than simply disconnecting, they swell and can explode.  The capacitors we use automatically disconnect internally from the power as soon as the slightest amount of swelling occurs and are therefore safe to use.

Is PFC cost and energy efficient?

Installing Power Factor Correction (PFC) can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint as it minimises the amount of power lost. PFC can be used to increase the Power Factor generally to 0.95 and this means that industrial consumers are likely to pay less "Reactive Power" charges.  Installing PFC equipment eliminates energy wastage and reduces the amount of wear on mains equipment and cabling.  It is therefore very cost effective and typically has a payback of less than 2 years.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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