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Gas and Water Leak Detection

3L Electrical can design and specially commission Gas Leak and Water Leak Detection Panels.  We provide a comprehensive consultation service to determine our clients’ requirements and then manufacture the Gas Leak and Water Leak Detection Panels in our manufacturing facility.  Once assembled, these Panels are professionally installed on-site by one of our qualified engineers.

Gas Leak Detection:

When Chiller units are installed internally in a Plant Room then a method of detecting escaping gases is crucial as these gases can be dangerously hazardous to the health of the people who work in the vicinity.  3L Electrical’s Gas Leak Detection Panels can detect dangerous gases including ammonia, CO2, halocarbons and hydrocarbons.

A gas leak can be slow and over time reduce the amount of refrigerant gas (halocarbons) that a Chiller has. When this happens, the Chiller’s performance reduces and it becomes inefficient.


We offer a range of Gas Leak Detection Panels that, depending on the size of the Plant Room and the number of Chiller Units it contains, use varying numbers of sensors to detect an increase in refrigerant gas.  When a gas leak is detected, connection is made to a BMS system or another remote alarm to indicate that gas is escaping and a local alarm is sounded.


Once set up and calibrated, our Gas Leak Detection systems require minimal servicing compared to other systems. They are ideal for buildings and areas that require reliable, real-time continuous monitoring and for customers wishing to meet refrigerant, energy and building regulations as well as any new legislation.


Our Gas Leak Detection Panels enable compliance with all the necessary regulatory, legal and insurance requirements.

Water Leak Detection:


In addition to our Gas Leak Detection Panels, we also manufacture Water Leak Detection Panels.  We design and manufacture custom-built Water Leak Detection Panels and Control Systems that can monitor temperature and humidity as well as detect water and oil leaks through specially installed sensors.  Our industrial water-leakage detection systems come complete with solenoid water-valve control for an immediate shut off when water leakage is detected.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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