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Sub-Metering and Power Analysis

3L Electrical can provide electrical power sub-metering in most cases through Energy Meters with integral MODbus, MBus or other communication devices hard wired to a dedicated PC or through the interface to an existing BMS system. Energy Meters are used to monitor low voltage electricity usage and are particularly useful when undertaking energy efficiency projects.  The information recorded by the Energy Meter can be accessed remotely and energy usage analysed and managed more effectively. 

Energy meters provide the means through which to identify where and when energy is being wasted and can thus help to reduce unnecessary energy consumption and carbon emissions. 

Energy meters are multi-functional and can measure:

  • Instantaneous and Maximum Average Current and Power

  • Instantaneous Voltages and Frequency

  • Instantaneous Power Factor

  • Harmonic Distortion

  • Active Energy and Reactive Energy

As part of our sub-metering, we can install new metering equipment enclosures comprising new meters, power supplies and communication modules to suit.  Once installed, our customers will be easily able to review and assess their energy usage and identify where the greatest amount of energy is being used.

In addition to Energy Meters, we are also able to install power analysers to monitor mains power consumption to assess mains energy usage and establish areas where energy can be saved.  We will recommend a period in which to monitor the mains power consumption and will then review the results at the end of the agreed period.  This will enable us to provide a benchmark comparison of the premises' consumption patterns by highlighting areas where savings can be made.

We can monitor the following:

  • Motor Control Centres feeding Pumps and Fan Loads

  • Boiler Installations

  • Chiller installations

  • Electric Humidifiers

  • Mains Distribution Boards

What are the benefits of sub metering?

Without sub-metering it can be difficult to monitor energy usage and establish where energy performance is poor.  According to the Carbon Trust, by actively targeting and monitoring your energy usage with technology like sub-metering and power analysis, businesses can reduce their energy use by as much as 16%.

Energy Meters enable Building Management Consultants to understand and manage their building’s energy more efficiently resulting in greater energy savings.

They help you understand where energy is being wasted in your building and identify the areas where the greatest amount of energy is being used.

They help to reveal correlations/trends between day/night, summer/winter, weekday/weekend, etc and provide the evidence to demonstrate your ability to comply with current Building Regulations.

Sub-metering is a useful tool as it allows you to:

  • Gain a better understanding of concerning trends

  • Meet regulatory obligations i.e. ESOS

  • Identify anomalies or parasitic energy usage patterns

  • Provide evidence

  • Clearly see the impact of operational changes

How can Energy meters save you money?

Energy meters enable you to monitor your electricity usage and subsequently manage it more efficiently.  Energy usage can be evaluated and energy wastage can be kept to a minimum which results in lower costs.

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