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Gas Leak Detection

3L Electrical carry out routine Gas Leak Detection maintenance and calibration which incorporates undertaking a visual inspection, the tightening of all connections and carrying out routine maintenance in line with the manufacturer's guidelines.

Gas Leak Detection maintenance consists of either:

Bump Test:

A bump test consists of exposing the Gas Leak Detection sensor to a gas. The aim being to confirm that the sensor is reacting to the gas and is functioning as expected. 



Calibration of a Gas Leak Detection system is when the sensor is exposed to a specific concentration of a particular Gas i.e. Refrigerant Gas R134a (100ppm).  Once the sensor has been exposed to the Gas, adjustments can be made to the alarm set points using a calibrated multi-meter and all information is then recorded.

Upon completion of the maintenance and calibration, a full Gas Leak Detection Service Sheet will be issued which will identify any issues.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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