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Emergency Lighting

3L Electrical offer fully comprehensive emergency lighting testing and inspection and maintenance programs.  Our fully qualified Testing and Inspection engineers can provide regular servicing during which they inspect, test and certificate your emergency lighting systems.  In addition, they can also perform monthly, bi-annual and annual checks using a tick box style log book/recording system.

Our annual testing and inspection includes the following procedures:


  • Observation of suitability and reliability of luminaires.

  • Visual inspections to determine whether emergency lighting systems are adequate for their purpose and to establish whether or not they are working correctly.

  • The purpose of emergency lighting is to ensure that all exits are sufficiently lit for a specified duration when mains power fails during an emergency.  It is important that emergency lights remain fully functional during this time so that people can evacuate buildings quickly and safely during an emergency.

  • Visual inspections are undertaken by our team of fully qualified Testing and Inspection engineers.  During the inspection, they inspect luminaires for signs of wear and tear, damage and/or disrepair.  They clean the diffusers and carry out battery functionality checks.  They perform a key switch test to establish whether or not the emergency lights would operate correctly in the event of mains power failure and any faults are logged and brought to the attention of our client.

Our certification acts to certify that an emergency electrical installation complies to the current standards BS 5266-1: 2016 but also provides our clients with the peace of mind that their emergency lighting systems would function if an emergency were to arise. 


Upon completion of emergency lighting testing and inspection, our engineers will:

  • Label all luminaires tested and inspected

  • Supply our clients with a completed log book which highlights the results of the testing

  • Offer advice on existing installations and, if necessary, provide improvement suggestions

  • Recommend that any damaged luminaires be replaced and whole systems periodically maintained

Our office administrators will generate a detailed report outlining and highlighting all compliant and non-compliant aspects of your emergency electrical lighting installation.

For further information on Emergency Lighting please do not hesitate to contact us.

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