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Starter Panels

As part of our Starter Panel servicing, we fully inspect all electrical components to ensure that all parts are in good working order and carry out routine maintenance.

The type of Starter Panels we service include:

  • Star Delta Starters

  • Closed Transition Star Delta Starters

  • Soft Starters

  • DOL Starters


Our Starter Panel servicing incorporates:


  • A visual inspection of the Starter Panel

  • Checking and tightening all connections within the Starter Panel
    (in line with themanufacturer's guidelines)

  • Inspection and cleaning of all electrical components

We record our findings on a Report Sheet and make recommendations for any items which may need either repair or replacement.


As with all our servicing and maintenance programs, we offer fixed term Servicing Contracts and would be more than happy to provide a no obligation quotation at your request.

For more information about Service Contracts please do not hesitate to contact us

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