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Soft Starter Panels

3L Electrical can create electrical Soft Starter Panels in accordance with our clients’ specific requirements and manufacture these within our production facility.  We provide a comprehensive consultation service to determine our clients’ needs and then design, manufacture and professionally install on-site by one of our team of qualified engineers.

What does an electrical Soft Starter do?

In simple terms an electrical soft starter is a device used to temporarily reduce the electricity load and torque during the start up process of AC electric motors.  It acts to reduce the electro-dynamic stresses on the power cables whilst also reducing any mechanical stress on the motor and the shaft.

Electrical soft starters temporarily reduce voltage or current input by slowly starting and gradually building speed rather than starting at full capacity.  This acts to prevent electrical in-rush or instabilities in the electrical current and is especially important in critical areas like Chiller Compounds where constant and uninterrupted electrical power supplies are essential.

Electrical soft starters are generally designed to control the following:

  • Three-phase motors with low to high power ratings

and can offer the following functions:

  • Variable starting torque

  • No current peak

  • No torque peaks

  • Negligible voltage dip

How can Electrical Soft Starters save you money?

Torque surges place excessive mechanical stress on machinery and this can lead to greater wear and tear on equipment.  Soft Starters can help to minimise servicing costs specifically caused by wear and tear and require minimal maintenance.  In addition, high currents and peak currents can result in higher fixed electricity costs which are based upon peak current calculations and these can also be reduced.  Therefore, Soft Starters provide the perfect cost-saving solution in applications which require constant, smooth and efficient running of electrical systems.

For a free no obligation quotation please do not hesitate to contact us.

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